Nicaragua is a rather new country within specialty coffee. Political, economic and also environmental (e.g. hurricanes) disturbances and instabilities kept the country from moving into the specialty market any quicker. The pioneering work of some families with a clear vision on producing quality coffee supported by e.g. the Cup of Excellence annual competition created the necessary awareness for growing specialty coffee among Nicaraguan coffee farmers.
One of the families that has been very supportive for the growth of specialty coffee in Nicaragua is the Balladarez family. Based in the Nueva Segovia region ‘Las Segovias’, as their company is called, produces coffee at multiple farms and operates their own dry-mill close to the city of Ocotal. Luis Alberto Balladarez Moncada (4th generation) is the general manager and overlooks the activities of Las Segovias with care. He takes every detail of the coffee production very serious and the effort and hard work that goes into the creation of great specialty coffee is truly heartwarming to see.
Finca La Bendicion is located in the Dipilto-Jalapa mountain range in a part called La Providencia, close to the town of Jalapa. This mountain range in the north of the country (close to border with Honduras) creates a nice environment to grow high-quality coffee. Coffee grows between 1000 to 1400m in a sandy loam type of soil. Guava trees provide the necessary shade. The farm has its own wet-mill taking care of the washed process and also stunning natural and pulped natural coffee is produced. Every step in the processing is controlled and executed with care. All these continued efforts resulted in winning the Cup of Excellence 2018 with a very fine natural Pacamara!

This specific ‘natural’ from La Bendicion consist of only a few 69kg bags. The coffee cherries were dried for 32 days on African (raised) beds within a huge greenhouse. This natural has a light winey aroma, it’s fresh & clean with gentle fruit notes (sweet orange, grapes), well balanced, it has a medium body and long lasting sweet after-taste of honey. 


    Produced by Luis Alberto Balladarez

    Farm - La Bendición

    Origin - Nicaragua

    Region - Nueva Segovia

    Varietal - SL28 

    Process - Natural

    Growing Altitude - 1300 masl

    Harvest - 2020/2021

    Flavor Notes - Grapes | Kiwi | Honey | Chocolate

    Roast - Omni

    Roasted in Utrecht by our friend Jasper from Nordkapp Coffee Roasters



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