New  Coffee


    Produced by Ndaroini People 

    Farm - Multiple Smallholders

    Origin - Kenya

    Region - Nyeri

    Varietal - SL28 & SL34, Batian & Ruiru11

    Process - Washed

    Growing Altitude - 1800 masl

    Harvest - 2019/2020

    Flavor Notes - Red Grape | Strawberry | Cacao Nibs

    Roast - Filter & Espresso

    Roasted in Utrecht by our friend Jasper from Nordkapp Coffee Roasters



    Ndaroini is a place of rest in the Swahili language. The Ndaroini group chose this name because they traveled long distances to deliver their cherries. After days of picking on their farms, they had to walk hours with their bags of cherries to the Gichathaini washing station. They couldn’t stay for the night and had to walk back to their place of rest, Ndaroini.

    The Ndaroini farmers became fed up with the long walks. As the group grew, they dreamed of their washing station just a stone throw from their homes. The Gichathaini feared losing the Ndaroini cherries and did everything to prevent the plans from succeeding. But the Ndaroini people finally got their washing station after years of persistent campaigning.

    The group has two hero’s; the late Geoffrey Mugetha and Muthoni Maathai. In 1984, these chairmen came to terms with the government to give them 2.5 acres of land to build the washing station. In the harvest of ’84, the Ndaroini opened their washing station: to this day, one of the most celebrated in Nyeri County.

    Information by Trabocca

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