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Slow Coffee
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Slow Coffee
Slow Coffee
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Ukiyo Koffie

Our coffee follows you through the day; from that first sip to kickstart your morning to the last cup of the day. At Ukiyo Koffie we match you with the most suitable flavor to satisfy your senses.

Pay us a visit and try it for yourself!

Who We Are

We started serving cups of joy in 2019 with one goal in mind: to create an enjoyable coffee experience for the community of Utrecht. The coffee store and the coffee bike are an extension of our living room, so we welcome you to come in for some coffee, or perhaps some tea.

Slow down and enjoy.

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Rietveld Schröderhuis

Coffee Bar

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday

11:00 -16:00

Bloemenmarkt Janskerkhof

Coffee Bike

Saturday 9:00 -16:00

Please note opening hours may vary. Click here for updated hours.

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Floating Vibes

Ukiyo Koffie

Contact Us

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Tea Sessions?
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Talk to you soon!

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